Wednesday, February 23, 2005

VOIVOD - Nothingface (album review)

I got this album back then in 1989. Before this one I already have "Killing Technology" and "Rrroarrr". I thought VOIVOD were doing thrash metal at best like thos albums, but I was totally wrong. "Nothingface" is nothing but AMAZING metal at its best! I dig quite a number of technical metal albums already (back then it's so called techno-thrash, stuff like WATCHTOWER or DEATHROW, to mention a few), and twisted riffs and odd-time signatures are used so often there. But not until I found "Nothingface" cassette and played it! This album should be cited among of the most important Progressive Metal albums ever! I was totally surprised by the excellent (if not perfect) songwriting. Songwriting is beyond normal for a metal (even within the progressive-metal) subgenre. Piggy's guitar playing and its sound/tone is the key signature to all VOIVOD music, and they are get strengthened in this album (thanks to producer Glen Robinson). Every riff is a jewel to my ear (because of its strange chords that are uncommon for the use in metal), and his strong blues and jazz influences are solid bonus. The other VOIVOD's key signature is, of course, Snake's unmistakably unique nasal tone of vocals. His voice is so unique that I don't think there is other singer in this world that normally has the similar tone with him. But that does not stop with the tone, his vocal melody is also unique and sometimes weird, but it can interact very well with the weirdness of Piggy's chords. Hey, not to mention his untrendy sci-fi lyrics! Songs like "Unknown Knows", "Into My Hypercube", "Sub-Effect" and PINK FLOYD's cover "Astronomy Domine" are very catchy, but yet very complex at the same time. Welcome to the wall of weird sounds! This is a must BUY album, not only for avantgarde/progressive metal freaks but also for fans of bands like THINKING PLAGUE, or maybe even KING CRIMSON! But I heard the album is out-of-print. Well......


Blogger pdxpwm said...

Great reveiw and all the more sad to see Piggy gone from this world. His music will live on forever.

R.I.P. Denis D'Amour


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